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Jan. 01, 2021
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After the Great War, which led to the disappearance of almost the entire population of the planet, 200 years have passed. The remnants of humanity live in a perfect One State. Despite the authoritarian system, where each resident has his own serial number, uniform, glass houses and scheduled sex, happiness and harmony reign in society. The D-503 engineer considers such a life ideal and glorifies it, investing all his knowledge and talent in the construction of a super-powerful spacecraft. A chance meeting with an I-330 woman completely reverses D-503’s self-image. With genuine horror, he discovers within himself the uncontrollable “ancient” impulses, feelings and passions. And he will have to find out that there are those who do not like the existing world order and who seek to destroy the last bastion of humanity on Earth – the One State …

Original title Мы

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